Breaking News: Unwed Mother to Marry Father of Her Illegitimate Child!

There must be no news today, at least according to the morning news shows of what used to be referred to as the three major networks. You know the shows: The one with the guy with hair, the one with the bald guy (that nobody watches), and the one with the guy who is only semi-bald. I’m sorry, but that seems to be about the only way to tell these three apart. They all report the same stories, follow the same mindless formats, and even seem to time their commercial breaks into advertising “roadblocks”. The fact that they always have so-called “breaking news” to report is a joke in itself. This morning’s report that Bristol Palin is gettin’ hitched to her man Levi Johnston is about as news-worthy as past media infatuations with the divorce of Jon & Kate Gosselin or yesterday’s news about Mel Gibson’s dirty mouth and propensity for domestic violence.

Time out folks. There is real news happening! BP is continuing to rape the environment, and we are just beginning to learn about the company’s involvement with last year’s release of the terrorist behind the Lockerbie bombing, in a swap for drilling rights. Of course, that story might easily not fit into the news because of the limitations of scheduling on these “heavy” news days where more important topics must be covered. How about the projection that 1 million American homes will be foreclosed upon this year, the origin of the purported Utah list of 1300 “illegal immigrants”, or the shutdown of dozens of blogs in China yesterday? I guess those stories are not news-worthy enough when it’s time for America to plan a wedding.

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  1. Some of us had this fantasy that when we had + 100 stations delivered to our homes, the programming and information content would improve and we might even escape from commercials.

    Who ever thought commercial television would be like watching the Enquirer!

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