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Drilling Is Not the Answer

The Associated Press reported last week that we are faced with a glut of natural gas in the United States at the moment, the result of increased production generated by fracking, along with decreased demand at the end of a winter of record warm temperatures. As a result of the price collapse, the profit-driven oil and gas industry is cutting back on production at existing wells, slowing down the pace of new exploration, and diverting some of its natural gas drilling efforts toward higher priced oil. Continue reading

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The Civil War and Today’s Uncivil Warriors

It is crucial to our survival as a nation that we resolve our differences through civil discourse and never allow our differences to escalate to the point of physical conflict as they did on the battlefields of Gettysburg in 1863. The self-proclaimed, modern-day “patriots” who audaciously speak of exercising their “Constitutional rights” – or at least their interpretations thereof – need to take a soul-searching trip to Gettysburg. The grain in The Wheatfield and the stream that runs through Devil’s Den did not take on the color of weak tea, but rather the color of the blood of the Americans who we must continually insure will never have died in vain.
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John Kerry and Leona Helmsley – Which One’s Which?

I’m sorry, but I’m tired of giving Senator John Kerry the benefit of the doubt. There have simply been way too many instances of poor judgment, and the docking of his new $7 million yacht in Newport, Rhode Island, a convenience that only happens to avoid what calculates as $437,500.00 in Massachusetts Sales and Use Taxes, along with additional excise taxes which would bring the total to over $500,000.00, is the last straw for me. Continue reading

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