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It is incomprehensible that a handful of individuals control the majority of what most of us see, hear, and read that is presented as “news” on a daily basis. Most of today’s newscasters are not even good readers, let alone do they have an understanding of what they are reporting.

Honor the Victims of 9/11: Respect the First Amendment

The news events leading up to today’s 9th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 present Americans with an opportunity to renew our commitments toward respecting our Constitution, with particular emphasis on the First Amendment. When all is said and done, our rights as Americans are only as strong as the rights of the weakest individual, regardless of whether that individual’s actions may be personally viewed as either right or wrong. Continue reading

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Breaking News: Unwed Mother to Marry Father of Her Illegitimate Child!

The fact that Bristol Palin is gettin’ hitched to her man Levi Johnston is about as news-worthy as past media emphatuations with the divorce of Jon & Kate Gosselin or yesterday’s news about Mel Gibson’s dirty mouth and propensity for domestic violence. Continue reading

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