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Drilling Is Not the Answer

The Associated Press reported last week that we are faced with a glut of natural gas in the United States at the moment, the result of increased production generated by fracking, along with decreased demand at the end of a winter of record warm temperatures. As a result of the price collapse, the profit-driven oil and gas industry is cutting back on production at existing wells, slowing down the pace of new exploration, and diverting some of its natural gas drilling efforts toward higher priced oil. Continue reading

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What the Frack Are We Doing to Ourselves?

There are many causes of man-made water contamination. These include industrial processes, mining, agricultural runoff, and the inadequate treatment of sewage. In most instances, the process involves businesses or individuals who are either earning tremendous amounts of money by exploiting a local environment or who are avoiding the expenditure of the funds necessary to insure environmental protection where it is directly related to their practices. In many instances, the same practices involve some very significant unproven risks where common sense would dictate the exercise of extreme caution. By far, one of the greatest risks to water supplies today is the practice known as hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as hydrofracking or simply fracking. Continue reading

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Help Save the Postal Service & Hit Back at Predatory Lending

If you have been following the news recently, you realize that the U.S. Postal Service is in serious trouble. The profitable business segments for the Postal Service have been either disappearing or moving elsewhere, and the Postal Service has been embracing desperate measures as it enters survival mode. Help put an end to the 53 unsolicited credit card offers that the average American household gets from predatory lenders every years. Return the business reply envelopes empty, with the words “Stop Junk Mail” written on the flaps. Continue reading

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The Civil War and Today’s Uncivil Warriors

It is crucial to our survival as a nation that we resolve our differences through civil discourse and never allow our differences to escalate to the point of physical conflict as they did on the battlefields of Gettysburg in 1863. The self-proclaimed, modern-day “patriots” who audaciously speak of exercising their “Constitutional rights” – or at least their interpretations thereof – need to take a soul-searching trip to Gettysburg. The grain in The Wheatfield and the stream that runs through Devil’s Den did not take on the color of weak tea, but rather the color of the blood of the Americans who we must continually insure will never have died in vain.
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Honor the Victims of 9/11: Respect the First Amendment

The news events leading up to today’s 9th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11 present Americans with an opportunity to renew our commitments toward respecting our Constitution, with particular emphasis on the First Amendment. When all is said and done, our rights as Americans are only as strong as the rights of the weakest individual, regardless of whether that individual’s actions may be personally viewed as either right or wrong. Continue reading

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John Kerry and Leona Helmsley – Which One’s Which?

I’m sorry, but I’m tired of giving Senator John Kerry the benefit of the doubt. There have simply been way too many instances of poor judgment, and the docking of his new $7 million yacht in Newport, Rhode Island, a convenience that only happens to avoid what calculates as $437,500.00 in Massachusetts Sales and Use Taxes, along with additional excise taxes which would bring the total to over $500,000.00, is the last straw for me. Continue reading

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12 Mayors (or Individuals?) Express Support for Casinos in Massachusetts

According to a letter distributed to the media by Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo, 12 mayors have expressed their support for DeLeo’s expanded gambling plan that includes adding slot machines at the state’s racetracks. This is big news. Or is it? There are 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and mayors representing 3.4% of those municipalities were signatories to this letter. Who are these elected officials who are attempting to sway votes and public opinion on a controversial issue, and are they acting in a personal or an official capacity? Continue reading

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Breaking News: Unwed Mother to Marry Father of Her Illegitimate Child!

The fact that Bristol Palin is gettin’ hitched to her man Levi Johnston is about as news-worthy as past media emphatuations with the divorce of Jon & Kate Gosselin or yesterday’s news about Mel Gibson’s dirty mouth and propensity for domestic violence. Continue reading

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The Casino Cure-All Myth Hits Massachusetts

I would like to congratulate the Governor and the complicit legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for selling out the people whom they are solemnly pledged to represent. I am referring to the recent passage of casino legislation by the state senate and house of representatives, one of the governor’s pet projects which has been absurdly marketed by private interests as a cure-all for a troubled economy. To our elected officials who voted in favor of this legislation, particularly to those who said that the vote was inevitable, I can only say, “Shame on you all.” Continue reading

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