John Kerry and Leona Helmsley – Which One’s Which?

I’m sorry, but I’m tired of giving Senator John “I Married Into More Money Than I Know How to Spend” Kerry the benefit of the doubt. There have simply been way too many instances of poor judgment, and the docking of his new $7 million yacht in Newport, Rhode Island, a convenience that only happens to avoid what calculates as $437,500.00 in Massachusetts Sales and Use Taxes, along with additional excise taxes which would bring the total to over $500,000.00, is the last straw for me. Everybody knows how he “actually did vote for the $87 billion (authorization for Bush’s war in Iraq) before (he) voted against it” back in 2004. Maybe this was some sort of secret “Skull & Bones Society” pact with a fellow Bonesman that he was pledged to uphold. Then, of course, he was brought in as the Democratic party’s standard bearer (or opportunist), when it was speculated that the RNC would make minced meat out of a Howard Dean candidacy. Heck, maybe that was John Kerry behind the camera in the high school gymnasium at the end of the Iowa caucuses.

In the 2004 election, we were treated to images of, not an elitist, but the average Joe common man. Wait a minute. The average Joe doesn’t usually windsurf, snowboard, or have an oceanfront mansion on Nantucket, does he? Only in John Kerry’s world. The windsurfing video was Roger Ailes’ dream come true. If the presidential election had been a sporting event, John Kerry would have been investigated and convicted for throwing the game. As far as I’m concerned, we can thank John Kerry – and a weak campaign characterized by his trademark deadpan delivery – for the four more years of Bush that we all endured.

This latest gaffe, and the Senator’s obvious annoyance with questions from the press, just goes too far. At least Leona Helmsley was being honest when she said that “only the little people pay taxes.” It’s no surprise that the RNC, Fox News, and the right wingnuts have been all over this story. That is to be expected, Senator Kerry, but I’m part of your political base here in your home state (Massachusetts, not Rhode Island), and I’m not happy.

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